Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is it about a gun?

What is it about a gun? My friend Beth was in the Ukraine and she visited the Kalashnikov plant where they manufacture the amazing AK47. She talked about firing it in fully automatic mode and she beamed like a lighthouse as she relived the experience. She can’t weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. Yet she felt really powerful. Her words: “It was so cool”.

Power is a funny thing. We all want it; lots of it. Jesus promised we would receive it after the Holy Ghost came in Acts 2. He said that all power was given to him. And he also said we would do the same things that he did here. So where is the disconnect?

Most of the Christians I know are fighting a real battle. They have to fight for their kids against the indoctrination of garbage like MTV. They have to battle their lustful thoughts every time they walk through a shopping mall and see women dressed like little whores. They have the daily battle against doubt, discouragement, the culture of a damned world, and propensity to do our own thing because the influence of rebellion and unrest is wafting through the air. Women have to battle for the affections of their husbands. Students have to find their place on the campus against the wall of peer pressure.

In the twelve step program, people recite over and over how powerless they are. But are they really? And isn’t it power that will eventually ease the war.

It’s time to arm up! It’s time to kick the enemy in the gonads. It might seem a little hypocritical because I have posted things in the past that were more of a faith statement than a report of current events. But I’m starting to get my power back. And it feels good. Maybe it’s my impending marriage. Maybe it’s God’s merciful intervention. But then again, maybe I’m just sick and tired of letting the bully come in, throw me down, and take my lunch money.

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