Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bum Nation: A Rant!

So this will be my first blog post that has absolutely no scriptures in it. But I have a pet peeve to air and my fingers are flying across the keyboard. I was on YouTube listening to different versions of an amazing song called “She Moves through the Fair”. It is an incredible song that is a cross between a Celtic love story and a ghost story from The Twilight Zone. All of my favorite groups from Pentangle, to Fairport Convention, to Richard Thompson, to Sinead O’Connor, to the enchanting Lorena McKennitt have all done great versions of this song. And then I came across this video. It is a beautifully melodic version of the song put to clips of the movie “Becoming Jane”. Give it a watch.

Don't look at the hoppy dancing they were doing. Look at the event. Look at the people. And my question is: where have the days of class and style gone? I remember when flying, one would dress up and head to the airport. Now, people dress like bums when they travel. I remember getting dolled up for church because it had a sort of respect and piety about it. Now, since the church has become “seeker friendly” and doesn’t want to offend anybody for any reason, we allow the most flirtatious and relaxed attire. Yes, we say things like “God looks at the heart and not at the outward appearance”. But torn jeans and concert t shirts would never have crossed David or Solomon’s mind. And even Jesus himself, who owned nothing, wore a robe so nice that his Roman crucifiers refused to tear it in pieces. They cast lots for it. Which they would probably not have done if He sported a "Caesar Augustus World Tour XXIV" wife beater tunic and cut-off gladiator shorts.

Granted, I speak as an American. I know it is different around the world. In Russia, they might only own one nice outfit, but they will wear it with pride and dignity. They have a brilliant mix of poverty and class. Somehow we love to be the “rock and roll country” where success can come looking like a beach bum, and achievement seems to surround those who lack style and grace. I wonder if people will eat like pigs, belching and farting at the marriage supper of the lamb. I wonder if people will recline and put their feet on the coffee table in front of Jesus. I wonder if teenage girls will dress like little whores as they seek the face of skanks like Paris Hilton and not the face of their Maker. Where has the class gone?

I have to believe that it is different “out there”. I have to believe that those who are called sons of the Most High God actually present themselves like princes. And ladies have the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit; because I know that it is of a great price in the eyes of God. (1 Peter 3:3-5) (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I had to eventually throw in a scripture)

Are the Cary Grants of the world all dead? Does class only exist on the classic movie channel? Have the Doris Days been replaced by the Britney Spears of the world? Does anyone even know what panache and flair mean? Have grace and style been replaced by gangsta bling and booty calls? Are the words "Please", "Thank You", "Yes, Sir", and "No Mam" sitting in a glass case next to the dinosaur bones in a museum? Where are the men who open a car door for a lady and offer her their seat on a subway? Where has customer service gone?

What a strange time we live in. It is curious to see how this all plays itself out. Rant over!

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